• Tears For Me

    My heart is aching
    Please comfort me.
    My emotions are breaking
    How can this be?

    I look up to you
    And ask you why?
    I wait for your answer,
    I need your reply.

    I call out to you,
    Please don’t take long.
    Just look at me Jesus
    I’m not very strong.

    Then I think of you,
    Your cross I see.
    And now I realize
    Those tears were for me.

    Deborah J. Birdoes ©

    The shortest verse in the Bible is only two words..."Jesus wept."

    As one wears this cross may they be reminded of the tears flowing at the foot of the cross, prophesy was coming to life, forgiveness was being fulfilled at last. While our Savior hung in agony, the tears He cried were not from pain but for the very soul of ours!
  • I Stand in Awe

    Lord I stand in awe, of all that you have done!
    You've taken out the old, a new heart has begun!
    Your heart now beats in me. You'll never let me go.
    Give me all of you, in exchange I give my soul.

    No one has cared so much, precious Jesus, Oh my Lord!
    My heart cries out to you, my Savior, you are adored!
    For I truly stand in awe! I fall before you on my face!
    You took the road to Calvary and willingly took my place!

    © 2005 Deborah J Birdoes

    Quote from Scripture:
    "Then everyone will stand in awe, proclaiming the mighty acts of God, realizing all the amazing things he does. Psalm 64:9

Deborah J. Birdoes, Designer
Deborah J. Birdoes

Deborah J. Birdoes is the designer of For You Designs jewelry. Each piece of jewelry has been designed with significant and sometimes hidden messages for the wearer as well as those who admire them.

"It is my strongest desire that my jewelry designs and their message bring hope, comfort, encouragement, joy, and express how you feel about yourself and others."



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