Just Because

  • Close to my Heart

    I cried the day you left me.
    I had to question why.
    I close my eyes and see you,
    Once more I begin to cry.

    Yet I have joy in knowing,
    You are an angel to me.
    Though earth let you go,
    You have wings to fly free.

    I’ll always be your mother,
    And you’re my angel so dear.
    I will keep you in my heart
    Where you are ever so near.

    © Deborah J Birdoes
  • Lifetime Friend

    I met you and I asked
    You to stay for a while.
    You nodded and replied
    With your special smile.

    It was then that I knew
    You were here for a reason.
    Not just for today but
    Forever in all seasons.

    Today I count my blessings,
    Giving thanks to the end.
    Forever grateful for you,
    My lifetime friend.

    Deborah J. Birdoes

    There comes a point in your life when you realize:
    Who matters, 
    Who never did, 
    Who won't anymore... 
    And who always will.

  • The Hugging Heart

    Everyone needs a hug,
    Sometimes even two.
    So I’m giving you this heart.
    It is special just for you.

    Whenever you need some love,
    Hold on to the heart and tug.
    It’s just me reaching out to you
    And sending you a hug.

    © Deborah J. Birdoes
Deborah J. Birdoes, Designer
Deborah J. Birdoes

Deborah J. Birdoes is the designer of For You Designs jewelry. Each piece of jewelry has been designed with significant and sometimes hidden messages for the wearer as well as those who admire them.

"It is my strongest desire that my jewelry designs and their message bring hope, comfort, encouragement, joy, and express how you feel about yourself and others."


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