Endless Embrace
"The Hug That Never Ends"


Id like to give to you
A gift to remember me.
Where there are no spoken words,
In a language you could see.

For a day with you is heaven.
Yes my heart you have won.
Id like to hold you forever,
If I knew it could be done.

Id wrap my arms around you.
Today and always I would send,
An embrace to be remembered,
One that would never end.


Deborah J. Birdoes


November 12th, 2006 was a busy day at my most favorite jewelry store, James Locke Jewelers in East Liverpool, Ohio. I had discovered that the store is not only filled with jewelry and many gift items but it is filled to the brim with love. One cannot help but skip out of the store after their cup has been filled. I happened to be blessed by doing a trunk show for two days. What I noticed the most was that everyone hugged and embraced you. I am five feet tall, but it did not matter that I was pulled over the counter just for a hug! I remember the next day of the show that a customer was walking along the quaint down town street and came back into the store just to give me another hug. When I returned back that night at the bed and breakfast Virginia from James Locke Jewelers had put me in, I shared with the people in the parlor how much everyone cared and hugged each other in this town. One of the ladies there told me that she would never forget her husband's last embrace! I froze for a moment and realized how important it is that we show love and share Hugs. That night at three in the morning, I got up and drew what I envisioned as a hug. Because of what the town of East Liverpool taught me, it was easy to dedicate what I learned from those two precious days at James Locke Jewelers to their store. Thus Endless Embrace is now a piece of jewelry to wear as a reminder to hug others not because it is necessary but because it is a privilege, knowing that the giver gets so much more in return! ~ Deborah Birdoes, designer